Art and Music in the Homeschooling World

Chances are good that you do all you can to give your kids at least some exposure to arts and music at home. You’ve probably got about a zillion coloring books hanging around loose, and those boxes of crayons, markers and water-color paints are spilling off the shelf. Your kids probably have some of their own preferred sing-along type songs – 2nd graders are particularly fond of songs that are funny or that offer interactivity.

However, really exposing your kids to art and music in homeschooling can be tough. If you want your kids to have at least some appreciation of the humanities, then you do need to figure out what you can do here. One good option is to let your kids tell you what music they like – you can download it and add the songs to an MP3 player of their own (these days, you can pick up a cheap player for just a few bucks). For art, you can expose them to a lot of things, from comic books to Renaissance masters. The key is to build time into your day to do this.

It’s That Time of Age

For all kids, but especially for children that are homeschooled, it’s important that you have age-appropriate activities. Of course, that’s hard to do in a lot of situations. If you have an older child and a younger child at home, then there’s a good chance that the activities and even the types of entertainment that your kids enjoy are going to be geared for the older one. That leads to some problems for the younger one.

It doesn’t even have to do with something being “age appropriate” in the sense that the younger one is going to be exposed to things for which they’re not ready. It’s more about giving them some “me” time. If your younger kids are constantly exposed to adults and older kids and entertainment or activities that THEY like, then your younger one is eventually going to feel left out, at least to some extent. Do your little ones a favor and build some “me” time into their activities and entertainment throughout the day. If they watch TV, make sure they watch something separate from the older siblings…something geared towards their age. If they like to play computer games like all kids do, lol, have them play educational games for their grade level.