Pets and Kids with Allergies

We struggle all year long with allergies. Both myself and our youngest son have pretty serious allergies (my oldest takes after my husband, thankfully). That made the choice to get a pet a tough decision. On the one hand, I really wanted our kids to get the benefits that only come from loving a pet. On the other, I really didn’t want to deal with the additional allergy problems. We settled both by opting for a pet that my son and I seem to be the least allergic to, and making sure we vacuum, sweep and mop on a regular basis. It hasn’t been a cake walk, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Has an allergy, or medical issue, prevented anyone from becoming a pet owner? How did you handle that with your wee ones?

Hit the Little Sites Too

If your family is anything like ours, you try to build in as much education as you can with family trips, or as we like to call it roadschooling. We hit major historic sites all the time, but it took us a little longer to clue in that there were smaller ones along the way that were just as good (and sometimes better!). When you hit the little, lesser-known historical sites, you can often benefit from fewer people being around – you might even have it mostly to yourself. You can also get to know a bit of little-known history about the area or even the nation depending on where you go, which can really be a point of pride for your little ones.