Supplementing Online Science

There are many homeschooling families out there, like my own, that prefer computer work to book work. We have an online curriculum, Time4Learning, that has truly saved our homeschool. If the only option we had was a boxed curriculum, or textbooks, over the years…well I don’t think we would have made it, lol.

Having said that though, there are those subjects that really need hands-on supplementing; no matter how successfully they are completed online. Science is one of those subjects.

Where do you look for some good hands-on science projects/experiments? Well, you can do a google search for science experiments. You can get ideas from TV (my kids long to be the next “Mythbusters”). You can even find several good books out there, like “The Everything Kids’ Science Experiments Book” and “365 Simple Science Experiments.” You can also let your kiddos tell you what they want to do to get their hands dirty with science!

Christmas Shopping for Younger Kids

‘Tis the season! No matter what your religious affiliation might be, the end of the year is still about celebrating the spirit of the season. That can be hard for little ones to understand – your second grader, for instance. What we found worked best with our own little one was to let him shop for others himself. It really helped him get into the “giving” side of Christmas, but it was also helpful in introducing him to money concepts, which can be very hard for younger ones to grasp (and some of us older ones, too!). It went well, surprisingly, and we have plans to make it a regular tradition.