Thanksgiving Ideas For Your Homeschool

Is your 2nd grade homeschooler learning about the first Thanksgiving? There are a few fun “Thanksgiving” things that you can add to your homeschool this month. For starters, there are many themed books that you can buy or maybe even borrow at your local library. You could also learn about the foods that were actually served at the first Thanksgiving and then compare them to what we eat during our own modern Thanksgivings. Thanksgiving themed crafts are also a fun idea. You can have your child make things like napkin holders, a table centerpiece, or even an Indian headdress. Of course, one of my favorite crafts is called “Thankful Turkey”. You have your child draw a turkey body and cut it out. Then you cut out paper feathers. Then each day you have your child write
something he/she is thankful for, until Thanksgiving Day, taping them to the
turkey. Then on Thanksgiving Day you can read them before sitting down to eat
dinner, allowing each family member to share what they are thankful for as well.


Happy Thanksgiving!