Books Make Great Gift Ideas

By now your 2nd grader is probably reading on their own pretty well. With Christmas just around the corner, books are a great gift idea. There are so many book options: character books, comics, books by homeschoolers, etc. If you or your child own a tablet or a computer you can even save some money by buying e-books; some are even free! Another great gift idea, is to allow your child to create their own story book. They have kits where kids write their very own story and they get to illustrate their own pictures too (if any). Once they finish, then it is sent off to be published. What a great way to not only build their self-esteem, but nurture their love of books. For children who are still learning to read, there are book gift options for them as well. There are audio books and books that come with CD’s or videos, that read the book, as your child follows along.

Happy Holiday’s Everyone!