2nd grade handwriting

Different school distrcits may advocate different writing styles, for many different reasons.  One of the perks of homeschooling is that you don’t have to go with what the public school wants, but you can determine what works best for your individual child.  Two of the major handwriting styles are Zaner-Bloser, which is a traditional block printing style, and D‘Nealian, which is a more recently developed curvy style of writing meant to make the transition to learning cursive a bit easier.

By second grade, most children have mastered basic handwriting.  But remember, practice makes perfect!  If your child is struggling, there are several handwriting programs designed to help.  A program called Handwriting Without Tears seems to be especially popular with public schools in this country, and it works very well to help kids learn proper letter formation.   There are other programs too, so be sure to research the subject if your child needs a little extra help that simple repetition isn’t providing.

There are also special pencil grips to make it easier for struggling kids to attain a correct pencil grip.  These are usually plastic or rubber, and slide onto a pencil to make it easier to hold.  They’re inexpensive and definitely worth a try.  There’s also something called a “heavyweight pencil” that can help kids to focus their attention on letter formation.  It’s a mechanical pencil that is actually weighted to help kids learn better writing control.

If all else fails, an evaluation by an Occupational Therapist may be in order.  They can check your child’s motor skills and eye-hand coordination much better than you can at home, and often recommend helpful strategies to solve the problem.

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