Annual Memberships – Are They Worth It?

It seems there are annual memberships for everywhere lately. The Zoo, local Museums, even state parks have annual park passes. Sure, these things are advertised as paying for themselves in so many visits, but are they beneficial if you don’t know how many times you will be able to go each year?

My experience has found there is no blanket answer for this, lol. We tried this for our zoo and unfortunately didn’t have a chance to go more than once before it expired. We enjoyed ourselves, don’t get me wrong, but the animals didn’t change and there was only so much we could see multiple times.

Now, on the other hand, we paid for our membership to a natural history museum about six times over! They had some traveling exhibits that came through for limited times, and they even switch out their long standing exhibits about once (sometimes twice) a year. They have an IMAX theater where we got a discount thanks to our membership. We were also able to get “reciprocal” benefits at other museums that are a part of this particular network.

What about you…have you found any annual memberships that are simply too good to pass up?

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