Audiobooks and read-alongs

Decades ago, children could listen to read-along books with records.   They turned they pages when instructed and listened to the storyteller read the story.  This progressed to books on tape, with the same read-along idea, and eventually books on CD.   Many local libraries still stock these read-alongs, and even now, decades later, kids enjoy them and improve their reading skills.

However, now there are audiobooks for grownups and kids alike, and  they have many applications different from the old read-alongs.  They’re great for car trips, for example, and not just long road trips.  Pop in an audiobook during your errands around town or trip to the dentist.  It gives the kids something to do and you can sneak in some education at the same time.  There are educational audiobooks about the parts of an orchestra, for example, or travel books describing foreign lands.  You could listen to poetry or many works of literature from different historical periods.  The  possibilities are endless with audiobooks, and they really help transform some of that “dead” time we have in our days into something productive.

If you look into the read-along stories on CD for the kids to listen to at home, and use audiobooks in the car and other restrictive times, you can squeeze in some school time, or as I like to call it “roadschooling time”, in the most unexpected spots in your schedule, and the kids won’t complain a bit!

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