Benefits of being an Eclectic Homeschooler

There are so many different methods in which you can homeschool your children. But what do you call yourself, if you must place a label on how you homeschool, if you don’t follow one specific method? That’s something I struggled with when we first started homeschooling. So many people would ask me what method we chose, or how we homeschooled. I didn’t want to lay out EVERY program or book we used, but I didn’t have a one or two word answer to give them.

Then I discovered that there actually was a label for us and how we homeschooled. We are an Eclectic Homeschool.

Placing yourself in that eclectic category just means that you use several methods, or ways, to homeschool. You may use an online homeschool curriculum, but do unit studies. You may like and use parts of the Classical method, as well as the Waldorf. You don’t have to shy away from uncomfortable questions or wonder where you fall on the homeschooling spectrum, just because you can’t categorize your homeschool by one method.

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