Christian Homeschooling with a Secular Curriculum

Sounds funny, doesn’t it? Using the words “Christian” and “Secular” in the same sentence and regarding the same family? Believe it or not, not every Christian family that homeschools chooses to use a Christian homeschool curriculum as their core program.

Reasons behind this are varied, but I can say that for my family, it was difficult. We started out with a boxed, or complete, Christian program. Unfortunately, soon after using it we realized that it wasn’t a good fit. Besides the fact that we love all things computer and we don’t love all things workbooks, lol, we discovered that we preferred having different points of view in matters of science and even history. We preferred to keep Bible verses out of our math lessons, so the flow was easier.

We opted for a secular curriculum online. In doing this, we were able to use the computer more than a textbook. We were able to expose the boys to different things scientifically, and with an independent Bible study, we were able to still include our faith in our day. I would be interested to find out how many families out there did the same thing; went with a secular curriculum even though there were faith based programs available to them…

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