Does Your Second Grader Need an MP3 Player?

Technology has evolved by leaps and bounds. What once was incredibly expensive has now become relatively affordable. If your second grader has been bugging you about a way to listen to his or her own music, you might be considering an MP3 player. We did. We thought about it long and hard. There were some definite pros and cons to both. I mean, really, what business does a second grader have with that kind of technology?

Actually, it works out very well. There’s all kinds of things that you can add to that handy little gadget, and music is only one of them. You can find some great kid-centric podcasts out there, as well as audio books (they’re good for getting non-readers at least interested in books).

What about your younger wee ones? Have they asked for gadgets like MP3 players; and if so did you get one for them? 🙂

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