Homeschooling without Religion

In homeschooling circles, be it in real life or online, you will always find homeschool families trying to homeschool in a way that best fits in with their religious beliefs. There are tons of Christian based homeschool curricula choices out there. There  are Jewish homeschool programs, Muslim homeschoolers and even Pagan homeschooling options.

But what if you run an Atheist homeschool?

Chances are you have felt shunned and may have even kept the fact that you were an atheist quiet. So many people seem accepting of those with different spiritual beliefs than theirs, but become judgmental when they hear that there is NO religion at all.

My advice is keep your head up. Keep looking for those homeschool groups that truly are all-inclusive. And don’t forget about the online resources out there. Even if it’s only on the Internet; support, advice and comfort are valuable in all forms!

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