Internet Safety For Kids

Even though, our kids are still young, kids today are on the internet more and more and younger and younger. The need for making sure our kids are safe while on the computer, is something that parents need to think about, even at this age. The good news is, internet safety for kids, is pretty easy to do.

  • First, talk with your kids. Make sure they understand, that they have to follow the rules, you set into place. While they are this age, I recommend making it a rule that they can not search the web freely. Maybe have some favorite websites in their online favorites folder or have shortcuts available.
  • I also advise you to monitor your children while on the internet. I am not saying you need to be a helicopter parent, but checking in every so often to see what they are doing, is never a bad idea.
  •  Checking their search history is also a good idea.
  •  Let them know that the rule about “stranger danger” also applies to the internet.
  •  Last, but not least, parental controls! There are programs you can buy and some that are free. Google has a safe search option for kids, for example.

By teaching your kids, proper internet safety now, will help keep them safe in the future!

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