Learning about music

In second grade, most children are beginning a move away from nursery rhymes and fairy tales, but are still appreciative of them in moderation.  Teaching music to second graders can sometimes be as easy as singing “I’m a Little Teapot” or “Mary had a Little Lamb”, as long as you spice it up a bit.  You could sing it in a round, for example, or combine an arts and crafts project with songs and music, or anything to make the lesson a bit more enticing.  Sometimes singing just for fun is all children need to learn to appreciate rhythm, melody, and beat.  That’s a lesson all by itself!

Kids this age are also beginning to appreciate the composer or the history of the music, because they see that all music has a story behind it.  Whether it’s a biography of the composer, historical study of the era in which the piece was written, or the part of the world a particular type of music is from, second graders are beginning to be receptive to learning additional details about music.   They often enjoy learning about different instruments, like the various instruments in an orchestra, for example, and they’re old enough to begin lessons in playing music themselves as well.

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