Halloween/Fall as Part of Your Homeschool?!

Halloween, for those of us who celebrate, is such a fun time for little ones. For me as a homeschool teacher, it is really fun for me too. I just love to incorporate Halloween themes into our homeschooling. Whether it is printable worksheets, stickers, or fun spooky crafts, kids will be excited and eager to do their school work when you use a fun theme. Of course for those who do not participate in Halloween, fall is another theme that you can incorporate into your homeschool just the same.

Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween & a Happy Fall!

New to Homeschooling?

Now that the new school year in in full swing, I am sure many of those who are new to homeschooling may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. Trust me I understand, I also was new to homeschooling once. Remember, we all have that learning curve, we must go through. Figuring out our childrens’ learning styles, finding a homeschool curriculum, and deciding on a schedule that works. In time, you will be a homeschooling pro, but until then just relax and enjoy the experience and remember why you are homeschooling your children.

Back to School

August is here and that means back to school time! Well, at least for those of you who are not homeschooling year-round. One of my favorite parts about this time of year is SHOPPING! I love buying all the new schooling supplies that are in the stores at the moment. The tax free sale’s also are great this time of year, making it easier to buy new teacher resources: stickers, pencils, flash cards, posters, etc. We also like to “revamp” our school area, as well as doing some “school”-cleaning. It is always a good idea to go through and clean out clutter and items you are no longer using in your homeschool.

                      Wishing everyone a happy new homeschool year!

Summer Time Crafts For Kids

Crafts are a great way to help keep those kiddo’s entertained during the summer months. Below are a few of my favorites 🙂

  1. Pet Rocks-Hunt for the perfect rocks and then have your kids decorate them.
  2. Tie-Dyed T-Shirts- Your kiddos will have fun, with mom/dad’s help, making their very own colorful shirt.
  3. Sandy Hand Mosaic– This is a cool beach activity, but could easily be done at home with a bit of prep.
  4. Balloon Art- Fill water balloons with paint. Then have your kids throw them at a canvas/paper, making a cool piece of summer art.
  5. Make Flash Cards– For those who are homeschooling this summer, kids will have fun and be more eager to use, flash cards that they help you make. (They can color them, cut them out, pick the topic, etc.)


Summer Time Learning

Summer Time has arrived! For some that means plenty of sand,
sun, and fun! Others also like to include a bit of learning.
Whether you are a year- round homeschooling family or just want to add some
learning opportunities for your kids during the summer, you have a few options
to choose from.

  1. A boxed curriculum
  2. An online summer school program
  3. Buy workbooks and create your lessons yourself
  4. Unit study (These are educational and fun,
    especially if you let children choose the topic.)
  5. Field trips to educational places (Whether you
    are planning a one day, one weakened, or a whole summer road trip adventure,
    roadschooling is an awesome way for kids to learn. Seeing is always better than
    just hearing about it.)
  6. Reading (You can challenge your children to read
    as many books as possible. Kids love to rise to a challenge and reading is
    always a great educational option.)

Internet Safety For Kids

Even though, our kids are still young, kids today are on the internet more and more and younger and younger. The need for making sure our kids are safe while on the computer, is something that parents need to think about, even at this age. The good news is, internet safety for kids, is pretty easy to do.

  • First, talk with your kids. Make sure they understand, that they have to follow the rules, you set into place. While they are this age, I recommend making it a rule that they can not search the web freely. Maybe have some favorite websites in their online favorites folder or have shortcuts available.
  • I also advise you to monitor your children while on the internet. I am not saying you need to be a helicopter parent, but checking in every so often to see what they are doing, is never a bad idea.
  •  Checking their search history is also a good idea.
  •  Let them know that the rule about “stranger danger” also applies to the internet.
  •  Last, but not least, parental controls! There are programs you can buy and some that are free. Google has a safe search option for kids, for example.

By teaching your kids, proper internet safety now, will help keep them safe in the future!

How Crucial Is Handwriting?

Your child should “technically” be starting to focus on handwriting about second grade. But how crucial is handwriting these days? With the rise of computers, it’s gotten pretty scarce around our house. My husband and I are much more likely to type something out than write it. So, how important is it that your kids have neat handwriting? Actually, it’s still pretty important. There are lots of things that they’ll have to fill out by hand both now and in the future, and it will have to be legible. We don’t concentrate so much on cursive handwriting in our homeschooling, but we do on their printing and we do so usually with simple handwriting worksheets. So, even though typing seems to be the way of the future, old-school handwriting still plays a role in our school days.

New Year’s Resolutions

Everyone always has New Year’s resolutions…whether it’s to lose weight, exercise more, quit smoking, etc. Those are great personal resolutions, but what about homeschool resolutions? This is generally the “half way point” for many homeschooling school families and it seems that this is the time that many homeschoolers hit the point where they want to re-evaluate things.

It’s also the time when a lot of parents are looking for a way to rejuvenate their kids (and themselves!) after a nice winter/holiday break. It can be hard to get back into the swing of things and back on track.

So what little tricks have you picked up over the years to get your homeschooling family back on track after the holidays? Any resolutions for your new year? 🙂

Supplementing Online Science

There are many homeschooling families out there, like my own, that prefer computer work to book work. We have an online curriculum, Time4Learning, that has truly saved our homeschool. If the only option we had was a boxed curriculum, or textbooks, over the years…well I don’t think we would have made it, lol.

Having said that though, there are those subjects that really need hands-on supplementing; no matter how successfully they are completed online. Science is one of those subjects.

Where do you look for some good hands-on science projects/experiments? Well, you can do a google search for science experiments. You can get ideas from TV (my kids long to be the next “Mythbusters”). You can even find several good books out there, like “The Everything Kids’ Science Experiments Book” and “365 Simple Science Experiments.” You can also let your kiddos tell you what they want to do to get their hands dirty with science!

Christmas Shopping for Younger Kids

‘Tis the season! No matter what your religious affiliation might be, the end of the year is still about celebrating the spirit of the season. That can be hard for little ones to understand – your second grader, for instance. What we found worked best with our own little one was to let him shop for others himself. It really helped him get into the “giving” side of Christmas, but it was also helpful in introducing him to money concepts, which can be very hard for younger ones to grasp (and some of us older ones, too!). It went well, surprisingly, and we have plans to make it a regular tradition.