Reading – Enjoying it AND Comprehending it

My husband and I are both avid readers. Our idea of “quality time together” is both of us spending our evening immersed in a book…but doing so in the same room. Together. Lol. We just assumed, cause that’s what parents do, that when we had kids they would be avid readers too. How could they not, especially if they had us as examples?

We have two boys and while my seventh grader enjoys reading, my second grader is struggling. He wants to read, but just doesn’t have the reading comprehension thing down yet. That’s huge, and not something we really thought about. I mean, I don’t suppose I would want to spend a lot of time reading something, only to look up and go “I have no idea what I just read.”

He works on it daily, and thanks to getting interested in audio books and having an appreciation for storytelling, he just might make it to “avid reader” status before long!

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