Reading the newspaper

By second grade, most kids can read fairly well, and more importantly, they’re eager to learn more.  Practice makes perfect, although finding them suitable material to read can sometimes be a challenge.  The library is great, of course, but have you ever thought of introducing your child to newspapers.

The layout of a newspaper is a good place to start.  Talk about the front page and how the day’s biggest headlines are found there.  The front page also contains the name of the newspaper, the date, the price, and usually a directory of what other sections are included in that day’s paper.  You can explain what classified are, and that they include both job listings as well as things to buy and sell.  There are also some legal announcements and such in that section of the paper.Other sections will often vary by which paper you’re reading, but may include state or local news too.

Newspapers are great for current events, which could be part of your second grade social studies plans for homeschooling.  Have your child choose an article to summarize in writing, or give an oral summary of it.  With today’s world transitioning to more and more news online and less in print, a short introduction to a newspaper could serve your child well.

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