Spelling – Written or Online?

Spelling is a subject that many adults still struggle with, much less children. Some people have a knack for it I suppose. Even though we have been using an online homeschool curriculum for quite some time, we spent a long while doing our spelling the old fashioned way…weekly, written spelling words.

Mondays I would give the boys new lists. They would have a practice test before they got the words. Once they got the words, they would practice writing them on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Friday would be test day.

It was horribly boring and mundane, and they didn’t even remotely enjoy it.

Fortunately, we discovered a website for spelling and vocabulary. They could practice their spelling words; play games with those words (which is SO much better than just writing and re-writing them!) and even do their spelling test online. It’s made such a big difference around here…they even ask to do spelling now!

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