Summer Time Learning

Summer Time has arrived! For some that means plenty of sand,
sun, and fun! Others also like to include a bit of learning.
Whether you are a year- round homeschooling family or just want to add some
learning opportunities for your kids during the summer, you have a few options
to choose from.

  1. A boxed curriculum
  2. An online summer school program
  3. Buy workbooks and create your lessons yourself
  4. Unit study (These are educational and fun,
    especially if you let children choose the topic.)
  5. Field trips to educational places (Whether you
    are planning a one day, one weakened, or a whole summer road trip adventure,
    roadschooling is an awesome way for kids to learn. Seeing is always better than
    just hearing about it.)
  6. Reading (You can challenge your children to read
    as many books as possible. Kids love to rise to a challenge and reading is
    always a great educational option.)

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