Tall Tales

Second graders are at an age where vivid imaginations abound, and they’re beginning to be able to really express themselves through their reading and writing.  Tall tales, sometimes called folk tales, are the perfect thing to use as an enrichment activity to break up a boring school day.

Stories of Johnny Appleseed, Mike Fink, Davy Crockett, and Paul Bunyan, just to name a few, really get kids thinking and imagining.  What a great way for a 2nd grade homeschooler to spend an afternoon!  You can check out books from the library about these famous people, and then use the subject as a theme for art projects, writing prompts, and all sorts of other things.

You could also incorporate some of these tall tales into your regular curriculum.  For example, when learning about fall apples, talk about Johnny Appleseed, or when doing a history lesson about pioneers in Tennessee, learn about Davy Crockett.  (He was also in the battle at the Alamo – so you could use him there too!)  The possibilities are endless, and tall tales and folk legends appeal to the fun side of a 2nd grader, making regular school lessons a bit more bearable.

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