teaching about weather

There are very few more hands-on approaches to science than teaching about weather.   Most kids in second grade are very curious about the world around them, and this kind of a practical aspect to science is really appealing to them.  Weather is something they can see, hear, and feel…it’s REAL!

There are some great ideas for projects involving measurement of rain with a rain gauge, or atmospheric pressure with a barometer, or even humidity with a hygrometer.   Weather isn’t all about temperature, after all.  You can teach about wind patterns, like how the jet stream influences the weather in North America, and even about how ocean currents affect our weather.  Kids always enjoy learning about big storms like hurricanes and tornadoes too, and talking about some of the big storms the world has seen is a great way to throw a little geography into the mix, as well.

Measurement of weather is a great opportunity for practicing those graphing skills, and weather is a topic that lends itself well to science experiments too.  Let the kids predict the forecast based on what they’ve learned, and then check the actual weather conditions to see if they’re right!

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