The Eclipse of August 21st, 2017

I feel extremely lucky having experienced both the once in 50 yer eclipse of today an the seventeen year locusts when I was much younger (and living in DC).

I feel extremely fortunate to have had the science education that I’ve had which started at a very young age and more importantly, was led by by father who was a world class thinker about science and education.   From an early age, he focused on building understanding of the big science concepts and had a cross cutting organizational mind which marked me to this day. I remain impatient with learning facts and am always curious about finding patterns and understanding the big picture.

As a little kid, certainly by second grade, I understood that found was a vibration that could be transmitted by the “microphone” of a bottom of a cup, along a tight string, to another cup which would act like a speaker. He also had me understanding that the basis of the telephone was the same vibration which make the electrical current flux and which could be transmitted and broadcast the same way.


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